Oh, hello thousands upon millions of readers.  Welcome to my blog!  After distracting myself for about 20 minutes choosing pictures and layouts that best represent me, I guess it’s time to actually start writing.  I admit that it’s hard for me to write a blog because I’m not really sure what a blog is, or at least, what a blog is to me.  I mean, the Kardashians have blogs, so how hard can they be to put together??  I have read all kinds of blogs…political, celebrity blogs (the Kardashians), odes to classic book series such as The Babysitters club, etc.  Some of these blogs were interesting while others seemed incredibly, almost obnoxiously self-indulgent (the Kardashians).

Would you like to know about my affinity for Howard Stern?  No, no…that may alienate my  fans who just don’t get how awesome he is.  What about the horrifying journey I went on that led me to FINALLY wear a one-piece bathing suit?  Nah…I’m not a size zero Israeli bombshell, so the manfolk will run and hide at the possibility of such “lady talk.”  I’m 26 and it only took me about seven of those years to figure out that if there is the slightest possibility of a conversation leaning towards periods and TAMPONS they tend to have a sort of “I just came back from war” look upon their faces.

Ok…well, that was WAY more time I planned to spend on menstration and the male fear of it.  My apologies.  I suppose that this blog, my blog, will somehow became a little part of me.  I took a memoir workshop at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in which the instructor, a novelist/memoirist, said that the difference between a journal and a memoir is that a memoir has a focus.  Save the “wah wah, I feel sad, why can’t I find love, my soul is like a wet blanket” crap for your journal.  When writing a memoir, you must take those events, people, and emotions and turn them into something that deeply explores the writer.  And so, perhaps this is what this blog will become.  I can promise you, my dear, dear fans, that I will try to avoid what I am now going to call “wah writing”.   Whether I am discussing a difficult yoga pose , the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship, or my undying HATRED for cilantro (undeserving of a capital “C”), I promise to be thoughtful and considerate.

And so, until we meet again…au revoir mes amis…~Rachel