…and it was wierd.  Let’s start off by saying that the mother of the baby was right next to me, so this was all legit.  Friends from out of town were visiting the Boro so we brought them to Sakura Sushi (subtitle of this post: I Ate Sushi For The First Time…and didn’t hate it!!).

Little 9-week old Ashlynn is an adorable, very well behaved baby.  While she was in her mom’s arms I couldn’t stop tickling her super soft cheeks and playing with her equally soft baby hair.  A maternal flashflood came over me and all I wanted to do was hold the little cutie.  However, once I was allowed to hold her these feelings quickly turned into a hurricane of horror (is this too much like “my soul is like a wet blanket?).  This is a little human person!  Oh, she doesn’t like to be held that way?  Well how the hell am I supposed to flip her around without causing severe brain damage???  What if a wrong turn just one quarter of an inch severs one of those adorable toes??  I know everyone says that once it’s yours you’ll know what to do.  The rational side of me knows that’s true, but the 26-year old non-mother side says people who say that are cruel manipulaters.

In the end, I sat across the table at Sakura, goo goo’d and ga ga’d at the baby, and marveled at how effortlessly her mom shifted her from one position to another.  For me right now babies are like dogs…they are fun to play with and feed but at the end of the night I would like to exchange it for a glass of pinot noir.  Now that, I can twist, shift, turn, and contort…effortlessly.