It is Summer in Princeton, so please, parents, find something for your children to do!  I believe that what many of the Princeton area parents do not realize is that the fountain located outside of Robertson Hall on the PU campus is NOT a pool.  Nor is it a lake, swimming hole, or day camp.  It is, however, located right next to many, many offices where Princeton University employees work Monday through Friday.  During the Summer some of the things these employees get to experience are screaming children, the sight of naked children, all the pomp, circumstance, and aggravation that come with birthday parties held by the fountain, the pounding of skateboards, etc. (and by etc., I mean sunbathers, floatation devices, beach chairs, animals doing who knows what in the fountain, and did I mention screaming children?).  These sounds can be heard all the way on the fourth floor of Robertson and beyond.

There are signs at each end of the plaza area that state that skateboarding and swimming are not allowed.  I can confidently say that when I was in my pre and early teens my parents did not let me spend my Summer days hanging out unsupervised with friends outside of office buildings.  Why aren’t these kids in camp?  My parents were just as busy as I am sure you all believe you are, and yet year after year I was sent to camp to run, swim, and scream in an environment that welcomed and encouraged such activities.  This letter is not a call to ban children from being loud (unless that’s a real thing).  Rather, it is a plea to Princeton parents BE CREATIVE.  Come up with fun activities for your kids.  Send them to a camp that specializes in their interests.  Also, keep them away from my work space because making the pissed off face too many times in one day can cause bone cancer.  And that’s a fact.