I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about my opinions without really talking about me.  A big part of my life is yoga and I try to maintain a regular practice.  Even when I can’t physically practice I do try to meditate, which is kind of the hardest thing anyone can do.  Seriously.  YOU try shutting your mind off and focusing only on your breath, not the 80 things you have/want to do later.  It’s challenging but the feeling afterwards, even after a crazed meditation or a challenging practice, can be amazing and completely change the direction you thought your day was going to head.

Here are a few links to yoga studios in my area that I love.  If you live in the area or are ever visiting, I STRONGLY recommend stopping by.  Even if you’re a first timer, there are often beginner classes.

Yoga Above (Nassau Street, Princeton): http://www.yogaabove.com/class_schedule.htm

My first yoga studio!  The owner’s name is Michael and he is a wonderful teacher.  My advice is to pay attention to their coding of experience…they mean it!  The Hot Yoga and Power Yoga classes are the more intense ones (admittedly–never been to hot yoga…high level of intimidation).  Vinyasa and regular Yoga are a bit calmer and have a nice flow.

Princeton Center for Yoga & Health (Route 518, Montgomery): http://www.princetonyoga.com/

A wonderful mix of classes for all levels and an emphasis in many classes on breath and meditation.  They also have loads of events and workshops that they list on the website.  Restorative yoga=better than a glass of grey goose.

In-Balance Center for Living (South Branch Road, Hillsborough): http://www.inbalancecenter.com/class-yoga.html

Yoga. Pilates. Massage.  They have it all!  Wednesday Intermediate Vinyasa and Saturday Community Yoga with Elise are such great classes.  Usually when I leave these classes I’m anywhere from mildly to intensly sweaty, but in a good way.

I hope you guys find this stuff helpful/interesting.  Teachers at all of these studios have helped me to stop worrying about the future and lamenting over the past.  Physically, I also feel awesome.  *This* close to doing a split without needing the assistance of burly men to help me up!