I was going to review the restaurant that my friend, Jacquelyn, and I went to tonight…Chambers Walk in Lawrenceville, NJ.  Food: great. Look: cool/classy. Staff: Friendly. Too many uses of the word “ladies.”

So, yea…glad we covered that.  A much more interesting review, in my opinion anyway (and hey, it’s my blog so deal with it), is to discuss a little game that Jacquelyn and I came up with.  When she came back from the bathroom she told me her top three favorite parts about it.  She did this, I’m guessing, because the hostess gave us the heads up that although the heavy, gray doors to the bathroom area looked intimidating and very employees only-esq, it was actually meant for customer use.  As you can probably tell (because you’re a GENIUS), we had bathhrooms on the brain.

After returning from my trip to the terlit I decided what my three favorite things about it were.  The one thing we both agreed on was the motion sensor garbage can.  WAVE OF THE FUTURE!  So thanks to our bathroom list, and the fact that it’s almost 11pm and I just washed my clothes by hand in the bathtub (broken washing machine. too peeved to blog about it.), I would like to pose a CHALLENGE to you all.

The next time you go into a bathroom be observant and pick your top three favorite things about the room.  Because it’s a lot more sanitary than touching that magazine that someones pee hand just touched.