I’ve decided that for me, today is going to be a Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny kind of day.  Think I just had a mini stroke and don’t know what I’m saying?  Voila: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1st_9KudWB0.  No, I did not smoke a garbage bag full of weed (is it the second Sunday of the month? I don’t think so!)*  Part of my slowed down vibe has to do with it being a half day at work.  The other, and slightly larger part, is the turbulent night sleep I had last night.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was chucked back into the 18th century thanks to my broken washing machine (if the 18th century came fully equipped with running water, quaker oats granola bars, and a fully functional dryer).

Wide awake at 11:30pm I actually started thinking about, and stressing about, this god forsaken blog!  I recently told someone that this blog is like a new toy…I can’t stop playing it!  I was never a “let’s sit down and read the instruction manual” kinda gal, and the same mindset has rung true for this blog.  Last night however, I started playing around with appearances, tags, headers, settings, etc.  I was trying to figure out how to set up new pages and blogrolls for a writing blog project that my friend, http://justjacq.wordpress.com/, and I will be working on (details forthcoming).  Too much.  In my bed last night, wasted on blogging, I finally got to experience what it feels like when you’re head is “swimming”.  The spins were similar to those achieved after one too many chugs from the gin bucket.  Even though I have been inebriated before I have never had this feeling.  And so, it was during this experience, that I began to equate being drunk on blogging to being drunk on alcohol.  The way to feel better when drunk on alcohol is to puke.  The blogging version is to sign off.

I woke up this morning slightly hungover.  I can’t believe how deep I got into it last night. I have an obsessive urge to check facebook to make sure I didn’t offend anyone.  I really need a bagel.  This rant/mind fairie doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning my blog.  It doesn’t mean that I’m restricting the amount of blogs I post per day.  Have I abandoned my Friday glass of wine?  It does mean, however, that in my adventure in blogging I have learned that just because our whole world is 24/7 news, updates, and celebrity crotch shots, I don’t have to go big or go home by constantly contemplating my next post.  Like with drinking (except on national holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, and the first night of Rosh Hashana), blogging…my blogging, can and will be done in moderation.

*Kidding! Hugs, not drugs.