About to go to a yoga class with an amazing teacher.  Before a yoga class, especially one that begins my day, I feel just plain old gosh darn excited.  I also feel, sometimes, that I need to enter the studio already in a relaxed, centered state.  And when I think that…I am wrong.  Sometimes I feel the best after class when I began it in a pissed off, I’m gonna do a headstand if it kills me, can’t hear anything over my own loud breath.

Thankfully, this morning is not filled with anger issues (fireworks+martini+late night m&ms=how could you be mad at anything?).  Instead of going in angry, I will walk into the lovely little studio eager to reach that mindful state that allows me to get rid of the excess and unnecessary thoughts that grow like a film on my mind.  This film tends to make me angry (as opposed to amused) about dopey 14-year olds and their clothes that are sluttier than mine and phones that could kick my phones ass.  What’s the point?  Unfortunately, because I’m not a zen master this film tends to grow back(and because there are too many children in my town…what? don’t look at me like that…it was the film).

The best part about walking into a yoga class, for me anyway, is that I know that even if I get frustrated, sweaty, or exhausted, somehow my mind always finds its way to chill out and only soak in the good stuff.  I’d love to hear from other yogis about how you feel pre-yoga class (and sure, why not, post too).