This will be short because if it’s long I will get really angry and spit and that’s good for no one.  If you’re running late why are you going on Facebook to tell everyone that you’re running late??  Does time stand still when one goes on facebook to proclaim his or her tardiness?  If so, sign me up!  But in the likely chance that it does not, well then I just don’t get it.  Since when did the Internet become our best friend to whom we can confide?  Yes, I’m obviously going to read your emo post because I’m probably bored (hence why I’m on facebook), but it doesn’t mean that said post will go without major mocking.

Is the Generation X/Y addiction to Facebook and the Internet in general SO intense that we ignore our real life obligations in order to get a few extra seconds of WWW bliss?  Are we so ego-centric and brainwashed by our parents telling us that honorable mention is worth the same as first place that we truly believe that our Facebook “friends” MUST be girating to the point of death in anticipation over our next move?  Unfortunately, I’m seeing a big fat YES sign flashing it’s lights, telling me that it’s trying to decide between two different smartphones and that its boyfriend is a giant asshole. 

Just like I don’t care about Paris Hiltons “side of the story” about anything, I don’t care if you’re running 5 minutes late…unless you’re meeting me somewhere…in which case call me…because my phone is from 2002 and lacks internet access…and it’s more direct…and why are you running late when we confirmed our plans twice????