6:15am (EST). Sweating like it’s my only source of income. Nessum Dorma playing. First time in full crow pose.

Nessum Dorma

It may have only lasted a second, if that, but it happened.  It happened, and then I fell out of it, and as my teacher Denise said, “This practice should make you humble.”  It did and at that moment I realized that being humble doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Usually people tell you to be humble after you’ve been a little too prideful.  Trust me…walking into a power yoga class at 5:45am I was anything but prideful.  I was, however, a little nervous and a smidge intimidated by something that hadn’t even happened yet.  I’d been in other power yoga classes before, and yet because this one hadn’t happened yet I created preconceived notions about it.  I think I do that a lot in life in general (can I get an AMEN! from the peanut gallery??).  It’s easy to assume that what hasn’t happened yet is going to be challenging and it’s even easier to create “fun” little stories about how this challenge is going to be something negative.

Don’t do that (can I get an EASIER SAID THAN DONE??).  Simply expect that something new is going to be just that. It will be new and no matter the outcome, you will learn something from it.



not me doing crow pose