Cutting to the chase…too excited for wit and sarcasm!  Kripalu, aka one of my favorite places in the whole world, has posted hour long yoga classes on their website…and they’re free to watch!


I am beyond excited right now.  I love my yoga studios around town and have met some fabulous teachers.  It’s also great to have a physical place to go where I can practice and meet people with similar interests.  However, every once and a while there are always those little reasons for not wanting/being able to go to the studio…oh, say, like a category 1 hurricane.

I have had some fabulous classes at Kripalu, so for me the fact that these videos are posted means that I get to go back to the Berkshires.  The first time I went there I went with a good friend, Jacquelyn.  The second time I went I went up by myself and met some really sweet people in my program and just around the property.  I ate delicious food that made me feel lighter and healthier (OMG…PEASANT BREAD!!) and I remembered how to take a walk without going anywhere in particular (DID I MENTION THE PEASANT BREAD???!).  If you have never been…GO!

On the website there are gentle, moderate, and vigorous class videos posted.  I was always a little apprehensive to go to vigorous classes while I was at Kripalu, so perhaps I’ll try one now that I can do it in the privacy of my own home.  Actually…that sounds like a fabulous idea! 🙂