Me and the dude figured we’d use today, a lovely Saturday, to hunt for an apartment.  It did not go well.  Places were either closed, did not have one bedroom apartments as their websites specified (though with the proper wig I could maybe pass for a 55 yr old), and previously set up appointments were postponed.  I know this is dumb, but with this day of failure came gross feelings of self-deprication and doubt.  Is this ever going to finally happen?  Are we too stupid to look for the right places?  I’d just like somewhere between a stinking rat hole where gang members chillax, and my parents house.  Is this so difficult???

I know these are dumb thoughts and as dumb thoughts often do, they will pass.  But after a day of failure, it’s difficult to be peppy and sunshiney and such.  I could’ve turned to alcohol after the afternoon we had, but I did not.  I turned to the high road.  I turned to mozzarella, basil, and tomato on foccacia bread, and I have to say…it helped a little.  The ice cream I plan to devour later tonight will also be of great and welcome assistance.

Have you had a shit-tastical apartment hunting experience?  Any tips for this novice?