When one is in a long-distance relationship, one must sometimes simply DEAL with stuff.  Not everything will work out the way you want it to.  Sometimes, Wednesday night sucks and Thursday night sucks and Monday morning definitely sucks.  Sometimes…it’s not so bad.  I’m apprehensive at giving unsolicited advise to people who are starting out in a long-distance relationship because all people and relationships are different.  Scott and I went into this whole thing thinking it would just be a fling o’ fun.  Little did we know it would turn into this:



the golden couple


However, there is one thing that will always, 154% guaranteed happen when you live here and he/she lives there.  I can guarantee you, my long-distance lover reader, that while in this relationship you will take another lover (gasp!).  No…you’re not going to be a slutty mcsluttersen.  The secondary relationship I’m talking about doesn’t give you the pleasure or cheap thrill that a one night stand might.  The relationship I’m talking about…is with your car.

You may already have a close relationship with your car.  You may have even named it (god, I miss Bubba).  But what happens in a long-distance relationship is that you begin to depend on your car more than most people.  I have an agreement with my faithful Focus that it will take me interstate on Fridays and Sundays without issue.  On the rare occasion that the low tire pressure light goes on or the windows don’t care to take it down a notch, we quarrel but always forgive each other because after all, there will always be another Friday.

Like most people, the car has a little something something that I love but at times I loathe, and that thing is the RADIO.  I don’t/can’t listen to terrestrial radio anymore (you know…Boomboom and Chickie in the morning! Coming atchya!).  Getting Sirius Radio was, well, amazeballs.  92% of the time on my travels to see my dude, you can find me listening to Howard Stern.  Don’t frigging shutter! Don’t gasp and give me a pseudo-knowing look.  Howard is the shit…he is hilarious…he is smart…he is entertaining…and as far as I know, they haven’t thrown bologna at a girls backside in years.  Unfortunately, there are times like now when Howard goes on hiatus and I’m left to my own devices during Friday evening rush hour.  These Howard-less rides can become kind of lonely because when Howard, Robin, Fred, et al are on I feel like there are a bunch of friends in my car keeping me entertained and motivated to not just run into someone to break up the monotiny that is bumper to bumper.

the reason this relationship has lasted for so long


Yesterday I was doing my typical drive.  As I slipped into Humphrey, I glared at his radio, praying that we could keep the peace for the next few hours.  Thankfully, he was agreable.  SUCH GOOD MUSIC!  I found myself wishing for a disco ball!  This made me think (aka blog in my head) that it would be nice to share some of the songs that kept me going during my drive.  The songs were found on a variety of Sirius music stations.  I strongly encourage you all to seek them out, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship with one person and a love/hate one with your car.


As the traffic started to pile up and an uninvited break in any good music came on, my mood began to shift.  I started to feel that same “ugh, not this again” feeling that comes with the onset of red, blinding break lights.  However, all of a sudden and without warning, a lovely noise came into the car.  Humphrey heard it too.  Like a choir of angels, but way more awesome.

Did you hear…that the temperature’s rising?  What about the fact that the berometers getting low?  I mean…according to my sources anyway…the street really is the best place to go.

Like a gift of the gods, it renewed my spirits!  I wish I could say that the traffic parted like the red sea.  Though it didn’t, something even beter and more nostalgic did occur.  Do you remember the late 90s?

Sure, not all of these songs are amazeballs.  But when you’re in a long-distance relationship the music is usually what keeps you going during the looooooong drives.  The songs don’t all have to be winners.  They just have to, for a few hours anyway, make you want to DANCE!