Today I bought a chocolate bar.  It’s not halloween, nor am I having a party this weekend.  I bought the bar because I have an addiction and I’ve learned that supressing a chocolate addiction can only lead to a double intake of chocolate, and a really shitty attitude.  As an “I don’t like my body” girl from the get go, I tend to view chocolate as something bad that should only be had during holidays and low self esteem days or weeks.  Recently, however, I started to realize that in order to be healthy and potentially slim down I need to eat the right kind of food and not live like a nutritional nun.

This weekend was filled with parties, pasta, and beer (sorry, but there was no Petrone).  I did a moderate yoga practice on Saturday morning using one of the videos on the Kripalu website, but other than that and some white girl dancing to gangsta rap dancing, there was pretty much no exercise.  Whenever I have a non-exersice weekend it makes me think of the things I want to change about my eating and physical activity…is that bad?

Anywho, on the drive home this afternoon I decided to stop off at Wegmans for some salad ingredients.  I get bored with the familiar  homemade ceaser salads and Panera strawberry/kiwi/lambs blood ones.  I picked up romaine hearts and organic Feta cheese.  In the cabinet at home (cupboard for any of you Canadian readers…there are SO many of you ;)), I had quinoa, carrots, cucumbers, an apple, and balsamic vinagrette.  Combine with a little mom’s homemade chai latte, and it was FANTABULOUS!  Perfectly satisfying and I can’t wait to experiment with other salad recipes!

my attempt at a thumbs up after my first bite

But wait…isn’t the word chocolate in the title of this post?  Am I playing a joke on you?  Am I using buzz words in a cheap attempt to get readers? Oh, foodie reader, how could you think that I would do that??  During my Wegmans trip I was in the organic/health food section and found myself standing right in front of an aisle of chocolate (aka Mecca).  Recently I heard a radio host talk about how she buys the really good chocolate and by doing that she can have just a couple pieces at a time and feel incredibly satisfied.  She said she also feels better because she buys the good chocolate that isn’t filled with massive amounts of sugar and ingredients that the worlds best linguist couldn’t pronounce.  With this in mind I bought a bar of 70% Divine Fair Trade dark chocolate.  I am SO looking forward to not just the eating, but the choco-goodness indulging.

For ONCE, I’m looking forward to the experience rather than just the food.

Any foods that you used to have a fear of but eventually learned to love, for whatever reason??