Today is a good day.  I know I shouldn’t be shocked when days are good, but with all of the “who knows what’s gonna happen” stuff in my life right now it’s hard to have a day when I’m not letting in all of that “what if” mumbo jumbo.

Today is a good day because of the following:

  • Apartment Lead.  After Saturdays major let down (see a couple posts back) I’m nervous/maybe a little too hopeful.  Send good vibes, please.
  • Small World iced chai avec plus cinnamon.  Just…yea.
  • Pending arrival of Fall clothes from American Eagle signify a pending arrival of Fall!
  • Posts from The Fitnessista, a completely inspirational/entertaining blog that I have recently delved into.  Her posts have helped me become more confident with eating and more thoughtful about fitness.  MAKE THE BREAKFAST COOKIE!!!
  • The PhD application spreadsheet has been created!  Finally feel like I’m moving forward and seeing the info in its Excel glory really helps with that (until I look at the application fee column).
  • Yoga with Elise at In Balance Center tonight.  In the last class I had with Elise I did my first full bind EVER.  Excited to see what is to come tonight (though must remember–if the bind doesn’t come, it’s not meant to come right now).

Sorry for the lack of sarcasm if that’s what you were hoping for.  Trust me…there have been a few rolled eyes and giggles of the under the breath variety mixed in with the above.  Snark+Happiness+Cinnamon=The way to be. 😉