Today I spent a few minutes walking without my glasses on (operation gets contacts in eyes still a no go…hoping for success this weekend).  I was sitting on a bench during my lunch break reading a new book I bought yesterday.  I’m amazed at what doesn’t bother me when it comes to my glasses.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing them for 13 years, or maybe whoever it is who makes the decision of who has shitty vision and must wear glasses and who can see clearly (now, the rain is gone…sorry) makes these decisions based on personality.  I know some folks who could not deal with having spotty vision thanks to some blown up dust.  Take a breath, wipe it off, move on.

While I was reading I noticed a few of these dust spots so I took the spectacles off to give them a little brush.  It’s a beautiful day today, which brought out loads of men, women, etc.  I decided to just watch for a minute without the help of glasses.  Things were blurry but not entirely indistinguishable.  Sitting and watching without glasses, I found, made me feel very introverted and secretive.  Kind of like, “you don’t know this but you look like a smeared pencil mark”.  Is it wierd to think like this?  Oh well, even if it is, the mischevious little brat in me enjoyed the game.

As the clock struck “time to get back to work” I decided to do a mini experiment.  Again, something just for me that thrilled the hell out of me and only me.  I walked the short walk from the bench to my office without my glasses on, and here were a few things I noticed:

  • New thoughts such as “Oh shit, steps” and “Where does that end???” kept coming up.
  • Hesitence, hesitence, hesitence.
  • Smelled something burning but didn’t look around to see what it was…had to remain focused (see second bullet).
  • Felt cross-eyed most of the walk…hope that was just in my head.


Anyone else ever played around with vision?  Walked with your eyes closed?  Totally different feeling, isn’t it?