Where did you go?

Why did you forget about me, leaving me to wax the all alone poetic in the darkness of loneliness which forbids friendship?  Give a shit about me?  You didn’t even try.  I’ll say it’s your fault and I don’t care if I’m right because eventually I’ll get up before my ass splits from putting sitting in two chairs at once.

I’m sitting on a white sofa with a sore knee that I refuse to fix.  My birth control alarm is going off…won’t stop or even try to stop ringing and I know I should take my pill and I know I will because things always happen.  I just don’t feel like getting up right now.  Because I don’t feel like doing much of anything these days except for thinking about how I would have done things differently.  Scoff, laugh, and judge…stop, drop, and roll…all you want. 

Not living up to ones potential is incredibly time consuming, especially when I’m fully aware of what I should be doing.  When you do what you would rather be doing it’s effortless and time moves softly, like sheets and cotton and baby feet.  When you stop; resist; it’s like pushing through a room of honey walls.  I am exhausted from working through the mental torment of stopping when I should be running and thrusting backwards when I should be leaping forward.

Sitting sipping scotch never feels as good as pouring beer over your head, inhaling up each drop like it’s the last you’ll ever taste.

…the blog is back, bitches……………………..