I don’t usually watch things that I know will upset me.  I don’t watch sick dogs, crying grown men, or Republican National Conventions.  Keeping up with the K-normal, I didn’t watch the RNC this year.  MSN.com told me about the “Clint & The Chair” show and NYTimes.com told me the rest (damn liberal gotchya media).  I knew what they were going to say and I knew that I’d disagree with it.

The past couple nights I did watch the DNC because I watch what makes me feel comfortable.  I’m pretty certain I’m not the only person who does this, and if I am, then where the hell is my certificate??  Since I’m not an Independent and pretty much have my election mind made up I don’t need Mitt, Michelle, and the Gang to convince me to join their crews.  With nothing to compare it to, which never stops me from forming a full opinion about everything, I found that where the Dems won was humor…humor that worked and didn’t scare small children.

This is not to say that we’re all morons and all we can understand is a good yuck yuck.  Humor brings people from all backgrounds together.  Let’s face it…most of us are pretty dense and/or uninformed when it comes to politics.  Most of the time if I get two minutes of CNN and I’m looking for a bat with which to smack my head…hard. But when someone speaks to me like they are a real person and I am a real person then maybe, just maybe, and in the case of the DNC, definitely, I can understand and even form opinions about politics.

What certain groups don’t get that other certain groups do is that we have to work together which means we have to share information.  We can’t create policies that ignore the majority and speak in ways that keep others out. That’s what mean cheerleaders do…yup…I said it…the RNC is the mean cheerleader and Bill & B-Rack are the smart model UN kids who will become rich enough to buy and sell them.