As you eclectic readers can tell, this blog is about a little bit of everything.  One thing that you will probably see on a semi-regular basis are posts about house hunting.  The fiance and I are looking to move out of our apartment and into a house of our own.  When we first started this process I had a short list of things I want to have in a house.  Within a matter of just a few short weeks this list has been twisted, added onto, shortened, added to more, and been painted a gorgeous shade of “what the fuck?!”.
This weekend we revisited four houses with my parents.  We had our third visit to one house.  1st visit…What a gorgeous 1929 house with so much character! 2nd visit…hmmm, we can’t get any hot water and what are these walls made of? 3rd visit…is that my finger pushing through the wall?

This has definitely been a learning experience and a major lesson in the art of surprise.

The houses we visited today confused us even more…sort of in a good way, sort of in a my brain has become baby food kind of way.  Same price.  House #1 is a single family in a planned community.  It was built in 2003, has a large kitchen/dining area, a very night and bright finished basement, and is in a quiet neighborhood.   A debbie downer is that although there is a patio, the yard space is lacking and most of what is there is very much sloped.  It is also a short sale, but as a few friends of ours have said, short sales nowadays do not take as long as they used to.  This is a good thing because we would very much like to stop living above human elephants as soon as possible.
House #2…ohhhh, house #2.  Split level. Built in the 60s.  One owner.  1st visit…”We need to ungrannyfy this house!”  The moment we walked into this house the first go around it reminded me of my grandmother and my almost 96 year old great aunt.  Can you be emotionally drawn to a house while criticizing it in the same breath?  This house feels like home and the community is even cozy. Is that possible??!  The kitchen is very outdated and severely lacks counterspace.  This can be fixed…with money.  The upstairs has four bedrooms, three of which are in an L-shape, forcing you to walk through one to get to another.  WTF??!  Today’s visit did allow us to visualized putting in a hallway, making the front bedroom slightly more narrow while leaving the first back bedroom the same size.  We could expand the master, making it long, and put in a door that would make the master bedroom and bathroom private.  Again…$$.  Could be done over time…but still…$$ over time.

Conflicting pros: Easy to move in vs. cozy to the face.

Conflicting Cons: Short sale vs. Granny

Have you a big housing choice? Is it easier or more difficult when you choose between the better of two goods rather than the lesser of two evils?


no pie, but how the hell else am I supposed to entice you people to read?? 😉

Alright, folks, I’ve gone and done it now.

I, your beloved shaman of the written word, have signed up for a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program! Only one (no so little) check stands in the way of me and officiality (it’s a word…trust me, I’m a teacher trainee).

I’m telling you this because you might find it interesting. Selfishly, I’m also telling you so I don’t chicken out.  It’s been written…it’s in the interweb and cannot be taken back…it’s out there!

I so incredibly want to do this.  A couple months ago I’d filled out an application for a different program. I’d typed my answers so the teachers would look past my chicken scratch and accept me as a student. But for some reason…all the reasons, I never submitted it.

1. Too expensive

2. Too time consuming

3. I’m not good enough

Trust me…these points are not far from my mind even with the ink still dry on the chizzeck.  However, this is something I have to do because I so insanely want to do it.  Sure, it’ll be rewarding to teach and satisfying to roll back into plow position without internally screeching “No! No! Don’t! Death!”. But the main reason I want/have to do this training is because I miss learning just for me. Have I ever really done that? Have you? Practicality is great but it can very easily hindergrowth.

Eventually I’ll die and the time spent and experiences had will be more meaningful than the money that could’ve been spent at Starbucks.  Truthfully, I’m not as concerned about the practical stuff as I used to be even if some of the people around me are.  While an impending mortgage is on the horizon, I still feel that this is the time in my life when I get to be selfish.  BCE…Before Children Enter.

Have any of you gone through a yoga teacher training? Any tips?  Have any of you ever not done something because the practical side of your brain was telling you it just wasn’t the right time? 

Am I being silly when I say that once I have kids I won’t get to do for me?

I don’t usually watch things that I know will upset me.  I don’t watch sick dogs, crying grown men, or Republican National Conventions.  Keeping up with the K-normal, I didn’t watch the RNC this year. told me about the “Clint & The Chair” show and told me the rest (damn liberal gotchya media).  I knew what they were going to say and I knew that I’d disagree with it.

The past couple nights I did watch the DNC because I watch what makes me feel comfortable.  I’m pretty certain I’m not the only person who does this, and if I am, then where the hell is my certificate??  Since I’m not an Independent and pretty much have my election mind made up I don’t need Mitt, Michelle, and the Gang to convince me to join their crews.  With nothing to compare it to, which never stops me from forming a full opinion about everything, I found that where the Dems won was humor…humor that worked and didn’t scare small children.

This is not to say that we’re all morons and all we can understand is a good yuck yuck.  Humor brings people from all backgrounds together.  Let’s face it…most of us are pretty dense and/or uninformed when it comes to politics.  Most of the time if I get two minutes of CNN and I’m looking for a bat with which to smack my head…hard. But when someone speaks to me like they are a real person and I am a real person then maybe, just maybe, and in the case of the DNC, definitely, I can understand and even form opinions about politics.

What certain groups don’t get that other certain groups do is that we have to work together which means we have to share information.  We can’t create policies that ignore the majority and speak in ways that keep others out. That’s what mean cheerleaders do…yup…I said it…the RNC is the mean cheerleader and Bill & B-Rack are the smart model UN kids who will become rich enough to buy and sell them.

Yesterday, since I survived the hurricane and all, I went for a run.  I also needed to break in my new sneakers, which I love but for the next couple of runs will cause me nothing but frustration and sore knees (pretty much what happens when you try anything or anyone new).

I did my typical 3.2 mile run around the neighborhood, but this excursion was different all because I looked to the left.  When I run outside, as I’m guessing most people do, I usually look straight ahead of me.  If there’s any curvature of the neck it’s usually downward to make sure there aren’t any big dips or branches that could cause me to relive the Tumble of ’96 (quite traumatizing. far too painful to discuss on the interweb.).  Looking ahead is also a good way to distract me from the fact that I’ve been running for over 2 miles and I’m tired.  Rarely do I break tradition by looking side to side unless I have to cross the street.

On this particular run, however, as I ran down South Triangle Road, I looked a little bit to the left.  I have gone down this road countless times (tried to count, failed).  And yet, this one time because I looked a little bit to the left I noticed a field.  It wasn’t anything insanely expansive.  People from Iowa probably wouldn’t bat an eye.  But regardless of what those corn pushers might think, I was really taken aback by this field that I’d ignored for so long.  Usually my peripheral vision never passed the “For Sale” sign at the edge of the sidewalk.  Why the hell had I never wondered what exactly was for sale?  Continuing this new found curiosity and cranial motion I looked to the left a little more…hell, I even gave the right side a little attention!  Here’s what I saw that I swear to bejesus, I had never noticed:

1. Mary Mother of God Church finally has a roof after almost a year of construction.

2. My parents driving on Triangle Road, waving and flashing their lights at me.

3. The realtor sign that I thought had been taken down, sadly laying under a bunch of branches next to a metal fence.

4. A community of birds nests in a tree that I usually dodge because of it’s long branches.

So maybe I didn’t have an amazing, post natural disaster epihpany along the way.  Oh well.  Just the fact that I saw things that I don’t usually see  and that are worth seeing, except for the cooky parents, was enough for me.  I fully intend to go to some of my other running routes once the rivers have stopped flooding, and look a little to the left.

When you look a little to the left after staring straight for so long, what do you see?  Anything new?  Anything naked?

This is a plea to women who have that woman gene that this woman does not have.

When you are invited to a 1920s muder mystery party, as women often are, and you have long straight hair, as women nowadays do, what do you do??  My hair (wardrobe, personality, political views, etc.) are made for a 1960s/70s themed party, but when it comes to the Prohibition era I’m pretty lost.  I won’t cut it and I don’t want to spend the money to have it done professionally (told you…missing the gene). 

Thoughts, ladies??

6:15am (EST). Sweating like it’s my only source of income. Nessum Dorma playing. First time in full crow pose.

Nessum Dorma

It may have only lasted a second, if that, but it happened.  It happened, and then I fell out of it, and as my teacher Denise said, “This practice should make you humble.”  It did and at that moment I realized that being humble doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Usually people tell you to be humble after you’ve been a little too prideful.  Trust me…walking into a power yoga class at 5:45am I was anything but prideful.  I was, however, a little nervous and a smidge intimidated by something that hadn’t even happened yet.  I’d been in other power yoga classes before, and yet because this one hadn’t happened yet I created preconceived notions about it.  I think I do that a lot in life in general (can I get an AMEN! from the peanut gallery??).  It’s easy to assume that what hasn’t happened yet is going to be challenging and it’s even easier to create “fun” little stories about how this challenge is going to be something negative.

Don’t do that (can I get an EASIER SAID THAN DONE??).  Simply expect that something new is going to be just that. It will be new and no matter the outcome, you will learn something from it.



not me doing crow pose

I have contact lenses but I am terrified to try to put them on.  On? In? Doesn’t matter..evil is evil.  Glimpse into my past…I tried them when I was 16, one got stuck in my eye the second day, and I vowed to never wear them again.  But now I am much more superficial than I used to be.  What with weddings coming up (one of which I am in), aka loads of photos being taken, it will be too tiring to constantly take my glasses off when the camera snaps.  Sometimes I don’t care and they stay on, but only after the third glass of champagne.  Truthfully, I actually like how I look in glasses, probably because I’ve been wearing them for half of my life.  But, as I said, I am still a trifle bit superficial…and so, the manilla package with my name in bold black letters, the contents of which are my current prime nemesis continues to mock me.  It pierces my eyes like I imagine those contacts will do if I were to give them the chance.  I want them, but I don’t.  Maybe I’ll try them, but maybe I won’t.




This post is categorized as a Challenge because hopefully by staring at it for the next few days I will get the cojones to stick my finger in my eyes…


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