no pie, but how the hell else am I supposed to entice you people to read?? 😉

Alright, folks, I’ve gone and done it now.

I, your beloved shaman of the written word, have signed up for a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program! Only one (no so little) check stands in the way of me and officiality (it’s a word…trust me, I’m a teacher trainee).

I’m telling you this because you might find it interesting. Selfishly, I’m also telling you so I don’t chicken out.  It’s been written…it’s in the interweb and cannot be taken back…it’s out there!

I so incredibly want to do this.  A couple months ago I’d filled out an application for a different program. I’d typed my answers so the teachers would look past my chicken scratch and accept me as a student. But for some reason…all the reasons, I never submitted it.

1. Too expensive

2. Too time consuming

3. I’m not good enough

Trust me…these points are not far from my mind even with the ink still dry on the chizzeck.  However, this is something I have to do because I so insanely want to do it.  Sure, it’ll be rewarding to teach and satisfying to roll back into plow position without internally screeching “No! No! Don’t! Death!”. But the main reason I want/have to do this training is because I miss learning just for me. Have I ever really done that? Have you? Practicality is great but it can very easily hindergrowth.

Eventually I’ll die and the time spent and experiences had will be more meaningful than the money that could’ve been spent at Starbucks.  Truthfully, I’m not as concerned about the practical stuff as I used to be even if some of the people around me are.  While an impending mortgage is on the horizon, I still feel that this is the time in my life when I get to be selfish.  BCE…Before Children Enter.

Have any of you gone through a yoga teacher training? Any tips?  Have any of you ever not done something because the practical side of your brain was telling you it just wasn’t the right time? 

Am I being silly when I say that once I have kids I won’t get to do for me?


Today is a good day.  I know I shouldn’t be shocked when days are good, but with all of the “who knows what’s gonna happen” stuff in my life right now it’s hard to have a day when I’m not letting in all of that “what if” mumbo jumbo.

Today is a good day because of the following:

  • Apartment Lead.  After Saturdays major let down (see a couple posts back) I’m nervous/maybe a little too hopeful.  Send good vibes, please.
  • Small World iced chai avec plus cinnamon.  Just…yea.
  • Pending arrival of Fall clothes from American Eagle signify a pending arrival of Fall!
  • Posts from The Fitnessista, a completely inspirational/entertaining blog that I have recently delved into.  Her posts have helped me become more confident with eating and more thoughtful about fitness.  MAKE THE BREAKFAST COOKIE!!!
  • The PhD application spreadsheet has been created!  Finally feel like I’m moving forward and seeing the info in its Excel glory really helps with that (until I look at the application fee column).
  • Yoga with Elise at In Balance Center tonight.  In the last class I had with Elise I did my first full bind EVER.  Excited to see what is to come tonight (though must remember–if the bind doesn’t come, it’s not meant to come right now).

Sorry for the lack of sarcasm if that’s what you were hoping for.  Trust me…there have been a few rolled eyes and giggles of the under the breath variety mixed in with the above.  Snark+Happiness+Cinnamon=The way to be. 😉


Cutting to the chase…too excited for wit and sarcasm!  Kripalu, aka one of my favorite places in the whole world, has posted hour long yoga classes on their website…and they’re free to watch!

I am beyond excited right now.  I love my yoga studios around town and have met some fabulous teachers.  It’s also great to have a physical place to go where I can practice and meet people with similar interests.  However, every once and a while there are always those little reasons for not wanting/being able to go to the studio…oh, say, like a category 1 hurricane.

I have had some fabulous classes at Kripalu, so for me the fact that these videos are posted means that I get to go back to the Berkshires.  The first time I went there I went with a good friend, Jacquelyn.  The second time I went I went up by myself and met some really sweet people in my program and just around the property.  I ate delicious food that made me feel lighter and healthier (OMG…PEASANT BREAD!!) and I remembered how to take a walk without going anywhere in particular (DID I MENTION THE PEASANT BREAD???!).  If you have never been…GO!

On the website there are gentle, moderate, and vigorous class videos posted.  I was always a little apprehensive to go to vigorous classes while I was at Kripalu, so perhaps I’ll try one now that I can do it in the privacy of my own home.  Actually…that sounds like a fabulous idea! 🙂

6:15am (EST). Sweating like it’s my only source of income. Nessum Dorma playing. First time in full crow pose.

Nessum Dorma

It may have only lasted a second, if that, but it happened.  It happened, and then I fell out of it, and as my teacher Denise said, “This practice should make you humble.”  It did and at that moment I realized that being humble doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Usually people tell you to be humble after you’ve been a little too prideful.  Trust me…walking into a power yoga class at 5:45am I was anything but prideful.  I was, however, a little nervous and a smidge intimidated by something that hadn’t even happened yet.  I’d been in other power yoga classes before, and yet because this one hadn’t happened yet I created preconceived notions about it.  I think I do that a lot in life in general (can I get an AMEN! from the peanut gallery??).  It’s easy to assume that what hasn’t happened yet is going to be challenging and it’s even easier to create “fun” little stories about how this challenge is going to be something negative.

Don’t do that (can I get an EASIER SAID THAN DONE??).  Simply expect that something new is going to be just that. It will be new and no matter the outcome, you will learn something from it.



not me doing crow pose

Feeling completely energized and so ready to move forward.  Can balancing on one hand and chanting really transform a state of mind like that?  Sort of.  I certainly won’t say that what works for me works for you (and especially not You).  I will say that this morning, for the first time, I was able to be in Malasana Pose and keep BOTH heels to the ground.

not me doing malasana
So I did something I’ve never done before.  I’m not 4 years old…things like this have been happening since I started walking without falling down and getting in a pool without sinking like a sad little log.  But that is what is so fantastic about a yoga practice!  I get to remember that childlike feeling of doing something new and being so proud of myself for it.  Everyone says that they miss being a kid, but most of these everyones are so quick to mock people who embrace the sillyness of childhood.  The fact that I did something this morning that I’ve never done, and that my intention for class was to be more excited about change, makes me want to shout from the rooftops…
…oh wait…wrong movie…
Ouch…my tonsels.  And that, my hopefully childlike readers, is how I’m feeling today post-yoga.

About to go to a yoga class with an amazing teacher.  Before a yoga class, especially one that begins my day, I feel just plain old gosh darn excited.  I also feel, sometimes, that I need to enter the studio already in a relaxed, centered state.  And when I think that…I am wrong.  Sometimes I feel the best after class when I began it in a pissed off, I’m gonna do a headstand if it kills me, can’t hear anything over my own loud breath.

Thankfully, this morning is not filled with anger issues (fireworks+martini+late night m&ms=how could you be mad at anything?).  Instead of going in angry, I will walk into the lovely little studio eager to reach that mindful state that allows me to get rid of the excess and unnecessary thoughts that grow like a film on my mind.  This film tends to make me angry (as opposed to amused) about dopey 14-year olds and their clothes that are sluttier than mine and phones that could kick my phones ass.  What’s the point?  Unfortunately, because I’m not a zen master this film tends to grow back(and because there are too many children in my town…what? don’t look at me like that…it was the film).

The best part about walking into a yoga class, for me anyway, is that I know that even if I get frustrated, sweaty, or exhausted, somehow my mind always finds its way to chill out and only soak in the good stuff.  I’d love to hear from other yogis about how you feel pre-yoga class (and sure, why not, post too).