If you know me, you know that Paris is my thing.  It’s my soul sister, my destination du jour every jour, and I think that it is the most beautiful city in the world.  A couple weeks ago, before this blog thing started, I saw Woody Allen’s new movie, “Midnight in Paris.”  It’s amazing.  I know a review is supposed to be more deep and complex and wordy than that, but why use 50 words than 2 (with a contraction) will do?  Ok…here are a few more words to entice you to see this amazing movie.

The first thing that hits you is the opening scene.  Before a syllable of dialogue is uttered, Woody Allen gives you a strikingly beautiful shot by shot of Paris.  Paris in the day. At night. In the sun. In the middle of a heavy rainstorm.  And the thing is, no matter the light, Paris is always beautiful.  In an earlier post I promised to be honest with you, my worldly readers.  So let me let you know that I have been to Paris three times and have a fourth trip planned for later this week.  I’m going with my boyfriend who has never been, so I can’t wait to see…everything!  And eat the best falafels this side of Israel in the Marais (Jewish area)…

me and my dad and our delicious falafels in paris

That being said, I can also assure you that even if you have never been to Paris, this opening scene will do something to you.  It will unlock an appreciation of beauty that you may not have realized could be so grand and perplexing.  You will wonder what is beyond that narrow curve in the road, and what does Notre Dame look like at night when the pickpockets and tourists have gone home and only stary eyed couples bask in its beauty.

After this opening scene, the movie itself is wonderful.  Note to future viewer of said film: Just accept it.  Accept the time travel and the unanswered questions re: time travel.  Once you do, you will have a a great hour and a half living in the surreal and enjoying Owen Wilson and his version of the nebbish Allen character.  If the movie hadn’t already had me by the end, the fact that the last scene takes place next to the water, near the beloved Paris book stalls would have won me over.  Go see Midnight in Paris and then GO to Paris.

But not when I’m there…I hate tourists. 😉